Nicolas Hery

Nicolas Hery

Web development. Data analytics.


I'm a web developer based in Montreal. I was born in France, studied applied mathematics, started my career as a data analyst in New York, taught myself to code, and now am focused full-time on what I love doing: building great software.

Some things I look for in the things I work on:

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Recent projects

Tidepool: I worked as a contractor for Tidepool, an open-source and non-profit organization whose mission is to reduce the burden of Type-1 Diabetes. I helped build the core platform which synchronizes diabetes data from many medical devices, and was one of the main developers for Blip, a web-based data visualization tool. (React, D3.js, Node.js)

Outfolio: Outfolio is a simple app that I built to help me remember the restaurants and bars I love going to in different cities. (Backbone, Node.js, MongoDB)

Excesiv: Excesiv is a small application component that I used in a bigger project to generate Excel sheets from templates on the server. (Python, JRuby, Apache POI, MongoDB)

Resumee: I couldn't find a simple and satisfying solution to maintain a resume, so I created my own. (Jade, CSS)

The toolbelt

Things I work with the most currently:

Things I've used before and sometimes come back to:

Things I'm learning and would like to work with more:

Things on my "need to try" list:

Random stuff I enjoy

A good chat: There's nothing like an interesting chat over a fresh beer (maybe a couple), talking shop, programming, business, travel, cats, anything really. If you're in town and want to meet up, be sure to holler!

Hats: Don't ask me why but I like hats. I have a running collection and I regularly lose them. People seem to think it's fun to take them from my head, try it on, and forget to give it back at the end of the night.

Guitar: Ok, if coding doesn't work out, I'll never be the lead guitarist of a rock band! But I like to play a few chords now and then. I also love live music, and if there's some great guitar playing that's even better!

Travel: I was lucky enough when I was a kid to live in a lot of different places: France, US, Singapore. I kind of got the taste for travel afterwards, and I love visiting new countries and meeting the people there.