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I'm a software engineer and engineering manager, with 10+ years of experience working on web applications that solve real business problems and offer a delightful user experience. I've worked in a variety of industries, such as Cybersecurity (SimSpace), Travel E-Commerce (Busbud), Healthcare (Tidepool), and Online Grocery (FreshDirect).

As a software engineer, I work full-stack both on the backend and frontend parts of a solution. I also have some experience with UX and product work. I focus on creating maintainable software, that can grow as companies grow and teams change. Some ways I've achieved this are: striving for simplicity, implementing team conventions, managing dependencies, fostering a culture of documentation, improving developer onboarding, leveraging static types and other static analysis tools.

As an engineering manager, my focus has been on creating high-performing and empowered teams, as well as building a sustainable flow to deliver quality software. Some ways I've achieved this are: improving communication between frontend, backend, UX, and product, encouraging the habit of taking meeting notes, building a sense of ownership notably through QA, involving engineers in product discovery and decisions.

From a technical perspective, I consider myself a polyglot and have worked in enough programming languages that I feel comfortable learning a new one for a particular task or team. I have a strong inclination for static types and have good experience with functional programming. Most recently I've used TypeScript, Haskell, Go, Rust.

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As mentioned, I'm an avid learner of new programming languages and technologies. Some of the things I work with or have used in the past are: